Author: Chris Larson

    Tips for Novice Business Travelers

    Have you just been asked by your manager to attend an out of town conference, meet with a client across the country or negotiate with a vendor in another state? If you’re a novice business traveler, chances are your experiencing a combination of excitement and nerves. Bear in mind that your hiring manager most likely Read more

    Best Laptop Backpack

    Who doesn’t want the best laptop backpack? When you are traveling all the time you ideally want the right backpack and it will make all the difference too. However, if you aren’t sure which laptop backpack is the best, how can you choose? Well, there are a few things to be wary of and it’s Read more

    Best Laptop Backpack

    Choosing the best laptop backpack can be very important. When you have the best backpack you know your laptop will be safe and secure. Unfortunately, for some, buying the best can present a few issues for them and it’s not hard to see why. There are lots of laptop bags available such as the envelop Read more
    11 May

    Shopping For Leather Laptop Messenger Bags

    In today’s busy lifestyle most business men and women plus students have and carry a laptop. If you carry a laptop around, then you will need a leather laptop messenger bag not only to carry the laptop around but also protect your laptop from damage. Most people buy a laptop case to protect their laptop, Read more